About me

I’ve been working in entertainment for over two decades, and have spent the last twelve years as a Story Analyst at Paramount Pictures. I not only evaluate literary properties that are submitted to the studio (scripts, books, graphic novels, articles, etc), but I write story notes for projects in development, work on research projects, and put together franchise bibles. Before Paramount, I freelanced all over town for production companies, indie divisions, networks, even agencies and managers, including HBO, Paramount Classics, Focus Features, Saturn Films, AMG, Sonnenfeld-Josephson, and many more. I got my start in New York City where I spent most of my time evaluating manuscripts for film potential.

This site is for storytellers of every stripe, whether you’re writing screenplays, novels, short stories, short films, commercials, or your company’s history for the annual prospectus. I want to share the best of everything I’ve learned from all the smart people I’ve worked with on both coasts, and give you the tools that will help you write great stories.

Do you have a specific question? Drop me a line. (Please, no submissions! Any submissions will be deleted automatically.)

I’d love to hear from you!